Valve cover racing is a competitive event similar to the Pinewood derby, but vehicles are made from a valve cover from an internal combustion car engine, rather than of wood blocks, . Valve cover racing is most commonly seen at car shows.  Check out all the details on Wikipedia.

The rules for the construction of the valve cover racer are as follows:
·    No engine, propulsion or moving weights. Gravity is your friend;
·    The racer must be made from an internal combustion engine valve cover;
·    The valve cover must retain its entire original gasket-sealing surface;
·    The racer can have a chassis, but the chassis cannot be inter-changed with any other valve cover body after it is registered for that days race;
·    Nothing may extend beyond the gasket surface on the front of the racer;
·    There must be a total of four wheels, either inside or outside of the valve cover;
·    The racer must be clean (no sludge). If the racer drips oil or grease, it is disqualified;
·    The racer must have a permanent number affixed to the surface.

 The racer dimensions are as follows:

·    Maximum Length    30 inches
·    Maximum Width    10 inches
·    Maximum Height    10 inches
·    Maximum Weight     10 pounds
·    Maximum Wheel Diameter      6 inches
·    Maximum Front Road Clearance   1-1/2 inches

The rules for the track and race are as follows:

·    The track will consist of two lanes with each lane 12 inches wide;
·    Release pin is 1-3/4 inches from track to top of pin;
·    Both cars will be started at the same time from the start gate;
·    If a racer interferes with another car, he loses that round;
·    If a racer is hampered by a track problem, they get another run;
·    The racing will be double elimination for the top eliminator trophy;

·    The judge’s decision is final on all matters.

Canton Carnival of Wheels
Rev A,  July 19, 2011

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  1. dick henry says:

    could you tell me the height of the track at the starting end and how long is the track? ie 8ft. plus the angle of the incline.
    dick henry

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